Craig’s love for the captured image began at a young age. Whether it was with the family’s Polaroid or 35mm point and shoot, he loved experimenting. In High School, Craig’s interest in Still Photography grew to include Motion when he took Mr. Hamilton’s Video Production class at Trenton High School.
“That class may have saved me from utter boredom in High School. I tried for a couple years to take the class, but my counselor, citing ridiculous reasons would not let me. Not sure if that original denial helped fuel my interest, but it was the only class, my entire high school career I got straight A’s.” After High School Craig spent the next 9 years freelancing as a Videographer, Technical Director and Production Manager on various corporate projects and social events in the Detroit market.
In 2000, Craig’s interest in Still Photography grew into a passion when he received his first 35mm SLR. “It was a Canon Ae-1 and a 50mm lens that I got for free… I had been wanting a Canon SLR for as long as I can remember. I think I wanted a Canon mainly because of their EOS marketing campaigns with Andre Agassi, but they were always too expensive,” he said. “Luckily, the company I worked for at the time was consolidating divisions and closing our office. During that process, a lot of things had to be sold or shipped to other divisions and since there was only a handful of us left, I fortunately became the benefactor of a used SLR camera in good condition. It couldn’t have been more perfect timing because later that Fall I moved to California to pursue another passion, cooking. Being able to use my new camera to document my travels across the country to California was priceless.”
After a few years, Craig’s hobby began collecting dust, as it had become too expensive due to the rising cost of developing film. Then in 2008, Craig now Tour Managing for several musical artists thought it would be a good idea to buy a digital camera to document the band’s with whom he toured. He originally hoped that it could provide two things for him, the first being to reengage a passion that had been dormant and second to possibly provide an additional source of income due to his job’s unique access opportunities. That April, while touring with the Australian band Skybombers, who were opening for the legendary L.A. punk band X, on a U.S. Tour, he bought his very first DSLR camera.
“That morning of our Seattle show, kind of on a whim, I decided that today would be the day to purchase a camera. I searched online for the nearest camera store within walking distance of our hotel and found one about a mile away called Glazer’s. After breakfast with great excitement I walked over to the store. About an hour or so after talking with the sales rep, I walked out with a brand new Canon 40d. The rest is, history…,” Craig, said with a smile.
Today, armed with mainly Canon gear that shoots Motion and Still, Craig has amassed multiple hard drives of images and short documentaries from his extensive travels. Craig’s Still and Motion Pictures can be seen on album covers, artist websites and have been published in various print publications. His passion for photography, both the Still and Moving Picture, became a full time job in 2014 after deciding to stop tour managing and follow his heart.
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